speedport neo

The first router even your parents can install

We proudly present: The first router, that doesn't suck. Five devices in one, only one single cable and an installation in a few minutes, which everyone can do.

We started understanding our customers

We did our homework and made lots of research. We asked our customers: Which new features do you want from your next router? The surprising answer was: none. It was quite the opposite: everyone wants less: less buttons, less devices, less annoying stuff. The perfect router should just work.

Killing 1.6 Million Buttons

The typical router setup needs five devices with an average of 20 buttons per appliance. The Speedport Neo has in total: one button. If every Telekom Customer would switch to a Speedport Neo, we would save 1.6 billion(!) buttons.

Saving more than 55 minutes

The average time for installing a router was above one hour. Now it's below 5 minutes! Including unboxing, connecting, registering and don't knowing anything about routers.

Getting Internet everywhere

In big houses, one Wifi spot could be a bit weak. Luckily, we integrated a powerline function! With an adapter, every power outlet turns into an internet outlet, too.

Unpack, plug in, and surf.

There’s no easier way to access the Internet. With Speedport Neo, setting up the Internet and telephone connection at home is really simple. The innovative plug-and-play router combines a DSL modem, AC adapter, telephone base station, power-line adapter, and router in one device. Thus, the customer has to deal with less technology. With its compact design, Speedport Neo fits perfectly in every home – completely without cable clutter.