No One Missing Out – from FOMO to NOMO

The fear of missing out is making us miss what’s right in front of us. We sit together, but talk to others. We meet up, but we’re still alone. We want to empower people to care about their time, how they spend it, and what they focus on. NOMO is not just a product, it’s a mindset, and a statement for how we want our future selves to be.

How do we stay connected?

Not Wifi connected. Or iMessage connected.Or social media connected.
Face connected. Smile connected. Real-life conversation connected.

Redefining our device relationships

We’ve come to a point in time where people often feel held hostage by their phones, tablets, and other ‘companions’. The digital revolution no longer feels like a gain in freedom, but more of a constraint. Instead of trying to bring people closer together with digital solutions, we looked for an opportunity to do the opposite.

Be present in the moments that matter.

We want to champion smart and mindful behavior in our digital world. Our aim is to help break the vicious cycle of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. to create more opportunities for personal moments. This isn’t about a forced digital rehab, it’s an investment in quality time, together.

The little device that sets you free.

NOMO is a playful tool that rewards you for the time you spend offline. Challenge your family to a phone-free Sunday, have a friendly dinner competition, spend quality time with your coworkers. NOMO holds all your devices, so you can keep your hands free. Stack them up and let NOMO track your time offline.